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Be part of an organisation that provides for, promotes and protects the interests of the industry.
Network with key industrial players.
Have a representation on industry and regulatory matters with the government and relevant authorities.
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Criteria For Eligibility For CTFA Membership Admission

  • Any company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1965, and engaged in the manufacturing, importing and/-or distributing of cosmetics, fragrances and toiletry products and services in Malaysia shall be eligible to apply for Membership.

  • Adherence to ethical business conduct pertaining to product, services and operations.

  • Applicant must conform to all conditions outlined in the Constitution of CTFA.

  • Membership is calendar-year basis

  • The entrance fee and subscription payable shall be as follows:
    Entrance Fee - RM1,000.00
    Subscription Fee - RM1,500.00


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Nature of Business : CosmeticsPersonal CareFragranceContract ManufacturerManufacturerWholesalerImporterDistributorRetailRaw MaterialSaloonDirect SellingOthers



Activities Interested : Tea MeetingCosmetic WorkshopAnnual DinnerExhibitionServe in CommitteeLiason with Govt AgencyOthers


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  • Entrance Fees : RM1000.00
  • Subscription Fees per year : RM1500.00
  • Membership is calendar-year basis